Gravitational-wave astronomy opened a new window to an hitherto invisible universe, one where black holes play a key role. Driven by this momentous event, gravitational physics is experiencing a revolution, and is an exciting and attractive line of research with an immense discovery potential.

The breakthroughs at the observational and experimental level make strong gravity physics one of this century’s most active and exciting fields of research. The synthesis of these results has the potential to answer some of the most pressing issues in our understanding of the cosmos and the laws of Nature. The scientific prospects and exciting opportunities now opened have potential paradigm shifting consequences in astrophysics, cosmology, and fundamental physics.

In view of the exciting physics ahead, and to establish strong-gravity research in Denmark, the Villum Fonden Foundation awarded the Villum Investigator Grant to Prof. Vitor Cardoso in 2022. This grant is complemented by the DNRF 2022 Chair, to establish the strong team.

The strong team will explore black holes as engines of discovery for fundamental physics. We will lay down a precise roadmap for black hole spectroscopy, for quantifying the evidence for horizons in the cosmos, and will study how to constraint dark matter properties using black holes as laboratories. This coordinated program will study and test the strong-field regime of gravity and the matter content of our universe. The proposed program will significantly advance our knowledge of Einstein’s field equations and their role in foundational questions, including the fate and resolution of spacetime singularities. We hope you join us in this exciting endeavor.


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