Black Hole Week

This August we are celebrating black holes in Copenhagen! There are many reasons to be excited. We celebrate 50 years of Hawking radiation, and since that seminal work, so much has happened. Black holes are now routinely "seen" with gravitational waves and we even have a picture of the super massive black hole at the center of our own galaxy. This has changed everything since now the conundrums associated with quantum physics and gravity can be discussed in the light of observations.

We want the people of Copenhagen to participate in this celebration and enjoy the wonders around black hole physics. For this reason the Strong Group, together with the Niels Bohr Institute and other partners, is organizing the #blackholeweek in Copenhagen with different exciting events around the city.

Astronomy on Tap

Ever wonder what a black hole is but were afraid to ask? Well, you have no excuse now. Astronomy on Tap Copenhagen is hosting a special event dedicated to black holes. Join us at Huset, relax, have a drink and learn about the cosmos!

28 Aug, 2024

“The future of black holes” at the Planetarium

Despite the phenomenal advances, there are still many open questions about black holes. The Planetarium is hosting a panel discussion where leading experts in the field will embarque in a conversation into the unknown, from theory to observations.

27 Aug, 2024

“This is a black hole” exhibit at Kongens Nytorv

Explore the different facets of black holes at the outdoors exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen. At Kongens Nytorv you will wander around different types of black holes, explore their role in the cosmos and find out how they are detected.

15 Aug to 30 Aug, 2024

Ringdown Inside and Out

This meeting will gather some of the world experts in numerical relativity, black hole perturbation theory and data analysis to discuss the status of the field, prospects ahead and unresolved fundamental questions.

22 Aug to 24 Aug, 2024

Black Holes Inside and Out

Black Holes Inside and Out will gather some of the world experts in black hole physics, numerical relativity, black hole perturbation theory, data analysis and astronomy to discuss the status of the field and prospects ahead.

26 Aug to 30 Aug, 2024