European RISE project for Strong

The Strong group is part of a successful European Union RISE project for the exchange of researchers. The project - Einstein Waves - involves the Niels Bohr Institute (PI: Vitor Cardoso), the University of Tubingen in Germany, IST Lisbon in Portugal, Sorbonne in France, Kyoto University in Japan, Cordoba in Argentina and Perimeter Institute in Canada.

The study of nonlinear waves on curved geometries have been increasingly important in physics and engineering, for example to model and built more efficient and environmentally friendly materials. The difficulty in dealing with those wave equations, including the Einstein equations, led to impressive recent developments of geometry and analysis as well as powerful numerical methods requiring the highest computer power. In turn, the recent observations of the most challenging wave signals such as gravitational waves ignited unprecedented investment on experiments and data analysis. The EinsteinWaves network will allow interdisciplinary mobility and training of researchers in the new methods and techniques that will make possible previously intractable analysis relevant to current and near-future developments of computational methods and experiments. Gathering an unprecedented team of top researchers in mathematics, theoretical physics and computation, we intend to employ our expertise to provide a unique opportunity for new career development perspectives. The activities will include network courses, workshops and engagement with active cutting-edge research. EinsteinWaves is set up to integrate several existing and highly recognized annual conferences with a series of new schools and workshops including non-academic participants. Through developing invaluable analytic, computational and soft skills, researchers will develop the potential to become the next generation of European leaders in academia, industry, and the public sector. Finally, the training we offer and the research carried out, will be made open and available, boosting Europe's leadership in fields of analysis, mathematical physics and computational methods.

Aug. 26, 2023, 7:19 a.m.